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School Bus Management System User Guide

Live Networks 

BENALLA              CASTERTON              EMERALD            HAMILTON           MONBULK

PAKENHAM          PYRAMID HILL          STAWELL            TRARALGON        UPWEY 

BENDIGO (Buses start 1 FEB 2019)

The above school bus networks are the only ones currently active on the School Bus Management System.

If students wish to use an existing school bus service to and from their school, they should complete an application online which will advise the student whether or not they are eligible to use the service.

If you require assistance and you are not part of these networks, please contact your school for details.

Who can travel on the School Bus Program?

* * Students are expected to access public transport if it is within 1.6 km of their home or closer than their nearest school bus service * * 

The Department of Education and Training (DET) sets the policy governing eligibility to travel on the School Bus Program. The policy covers students attending both government and non-government schools in regional and rural communities.  If you have a query relating to policy, please contact DET to seek further information.

The School Bus Program is an extensive school bus network that provides free travel to eligible students. Students must be attending government and non-government schools and living in rural and regional Victoria. Students deemed ineligible to travel for free may access a school bus service upon payment of a fare, provided there is space available on the bus. 


Applications to Travel 

Renew Application – If a traveller is currently approved to travel on a school bus and their circunstances have not changed (e.g. home address and school), select ‘Renew Application’.  Selecting this option will renew the travellers existing travel conditions.

New Application – A ‘New Application’ must be created for travellers that have never travelled on a school bus, or have changed school or home address.  Selecting this option will create a new travel application.

When will I receive my travel offer?

Current Term - Applications for current term travel are processed by the School Bus Management System on a daily basis.  

Next Term - Applications for next term travel are processed prior to the end of the current school term.

Next Year - Applications for next year travel may be submitted at the start of Term 4 and will be processed by December. 

What happens when I receive my travel offer - Once you have submitted your application, a travel offer will be sent to you via email or post.  Once you receive your travel offer notification, please log back in to the School Bus Management System to manage your offer.

When can my child travel on the bus - Once you have accepted your travel offer and paid the fare (where required), this completes the application process and ensures your child is approved to travel.


Bus Passes

Bus passes are sent out to travellers via Australia Post.  Whilst waiting for your bus pass to arrive, families may login to the School Bus Management System and print a Temporary Bus Pass to access their school bus service.  

Bus passes must be presented to the bus driver when boarding the vehicle. 


Students at government schools

To be eligible for free school bus transport, the student must attend the nearest government primary or secondary school and must live at least 4.8 kilometres from the school.

Students at non-government schools

For students to be eligible for free travel to and from school by bus, they must attend the nearest non-government school and may be permitted to travel on an existing school bus service, provided there is space available on the bus.


Fare Paying Travellers

Fare paying travellers must pay the flat fare of $120 per term in advance of travel to PTV.  

Ineligible students and the general public who wish to access a SBP-provided service are required to pay a fare.


Does the student/traveller have specific transport accessibility requirements as a result of a disability or mobility restriction (eg. use of mobility aid, blind or have low vision, deaf or hard of hearing)? If so, they may be eligible for transport assistance.   For enquiries regarding eligibility and applications for access to transport, please contact PTV.   

Services for children with special needs

DET provides free bus services for children with special needs who attend special and development schools.

Students with a mobility disability who attend other government or non-government schools should make their school aware of their special needs when they submit their application to use a school bus to their school.

Terms & Conditions 

Before travel access is granted, each applicant/traveller must agree to the terms and conditions of the School Bus Management System which is in accordance to the School Bus Program Policies and Procedures 2016. To view, please select the Terms & Conditions link

  Emergency Closures   

The role of emergency management relating to school bus services (i.e. disruptions to school buses due to bushfire, flood, road closures, etc) is lead by the Department of Education and Training.  

For information relating to emergency management and school buses, please contact your school in the first instance or alternatively, click the link below which will take you to the Department of Education and Training website's list of school bus closures.

Emergency Closures - School Buses

Disclaimer : Private Bus or Public Transport

Some School Bus Program (SBP) services provide a connection with private school bus services and/or public transport school bus services. They are indicated in the School Bus Management System as PRIVATE BUS or PUBLIC TRANSPORT as part of their service names. These services are not part of the SBP, and the information provided cannot be relied upon, as it may not be not accurate. The information advises existing travellers what service they will use to complete their journey to and from school as part of using SBP services. PTV strongly advises users of these services to contact their school for more information. 

Under the SBP, PTV and DET are not responsible for the management of private school bus services and/or public transport school bus services. This includes timetable changes and any issues relating to the provision of the private school bus service and/or public transport school bus service (including, but not limited to service reliability, behaviour management).


If you require more information